It’s Been A Minute

Hello. For all who care we are definitely still a label. We just haven’t had much to put out lately (or even gab about for that matter). But hopefully that will change by Summer/Fall of this year! We have some stuff that we’re working on so stay tuned. Hope all is well. Take care.

tired @ El Cid

Tired will be playing in SIlver Lake tomorrow evening. You should make your way over and check out the show. It’s only $5 and you won’t be disappointed  We promise.

Time & Energy’s “Strange Kind of Focus” LP Out Now!

We are very pleased to announce BRC003—a 12” vinyl variant of Time & Energy’s Strange Kind of Focus. This is definitely a record that we’re proud to put out. Very clever showing from Jorge and Brennan to say the least. Hear it for yourself :)

Get it here.

New Releases, New Band, And Other Information

We will be releasing two new records very shortly. Both are already available for digital download and both have vinyl companions that are on their way:

  • tired has their first full-length (BRC004) available for download here. The digital copies are completely free. So feel free to download those at your leisure. Again—vinyl is on its way very shortly.
  • We are also very excited to be working with Santa Ana’s Time & Energy. We’ll be releasing the vinyl for their latest record Strange Kind of Focus. It’s currently up for download and stream here.

As luck would have it, these two bands are playing a show together this Tuesday (4/30, see flyer below). Come out if you’re free and in the area.

There are plenty of other show dates in the works as well and we will post them as soon as we know.


The boys from Emerson Star have posted a little video of a live performance they did. :)

Emerson Star 7-Inch Out Now!!!

A huge thanks to everyone who came out to the release show.

You can find this record at any store that carries Bellwether, or get it online here:

Emerson Star 7-inch Out, Release Show On 8/23 in LA

Emerson Star’s debut 7-inch is out and available for download here. There will be a release show for the vinyl and mail order will follow shortly there after.

We’re all very excited about this record and couldn’t be happier with what the Emerson Star boys churned out. Come out on Thursday 8/23 and celebrate!

Release show details:

Origami Vinyl
1816 West Sunset Ave
Echo Park, CA 90026
FREE, 7pm